Walter Tavares: We know we are Real Madrid and every team we face is ready to play against us

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Walter Tavares, Euroleague’s best big man in the last years, shared some thoughts with us about the season Real Madrid is playing, leading the Liga and being highly competitive in Turkish Airlines Euroleague.

Walter Tavares, the most dominant big man in recent Euroleague, shared some thoughts with us about his Real Madrid and what does it mean to wear the “blancos” jersey.

After a tough season like last one you promptly bounced back winning the Supercopa in Tenerife. How important was going through all the problems you faced last year to grow and be better this year as you are showing?

«Last year we had a lot of injured guys and a lot of problems during the season and that is going to help us to be stronger, to be more focused. We know it is going to be tough but I think the experience from last year is going to give us a little bit more of power and experience to keep going».


Pablo Laso as a Coach showed so many times his greatness along 11 years on the bench. Is there any characteristic of the Coach that you feel as more important and basic for the team’s success?

«Yes, Pablo Laso always asks us to play with energy, to start well the game, to stay focused, to play with intensity…. These are the things which help us to win games».

We saw sometimes this season the team playing with two big men as Walter and Vincent and this is something really unique in european basketball. How do you adapt your game to that situation?

«Yes, I think we have one of the best coaches, if not the best, in the Euroleague. He is always trying to adapt, to improve things we can do. Vince can shoot threes, can play a little bit like 4 and everything is easier when you get great players around to play with».

Tornei nazionali

“El clásico” was not positive in terms of result but in my opinion you showed that even in a night when you didn’t play your best game you can be competitive at the highest level. After three months you won the Supercopa, you lead the Liga and you are second in EL: which is the part of the game that you think the team should improve more to be vene better?

«I think we always have parts of the game to improve, we can always try to be better every season. Here in Real Madrid we like to play fast, but theoretically I am here to play at low post. I am ready for that challenge but if the team does not need me to do that, I am good with the part of the job I am told to do: rebounding, blocking shots and be ready in offense when the ball comes and finish».

Real, as Barça and Baskonia, play a national league that is the best all over Europe, highly competitive and very demanding, where you have to play at your best any given weekend. Do you think that this situation is better or worse for a team competing in Euroleague?

«I think it is better because it makes you stay ready for every game. We know the team in which we are is Real Madrid, and therefore every team is going to be ready to play against us. We know our league is one of the toughest championships to play in Europe because all teams study and prepare well all games. It is good and bad at the same time because we got to be ready and play every game like it was the last game».

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