Beggy’s World: all about Euroleague (#3)

Hi all, Last two weeks have been super chaotic and busy on the personal level and I couldn’t concentrate myself to write something here. But from today, I am back on regular basis. Non ending double weeks… Outburst of Coach Reneses For a EuroLeague team, any week is super busy, […]

Beggy’s World: all about EuroLeague (#2)

Hi all, I’m back with chapter #2. This week I’ll start with EuroLeague’s new partnership announce and end the article with my game of the week. New partnership and the renewal Euroleague Basketball has announced their new partnership agreement with Domino’s Pizza on Monday. The fan perception from what I’ve […]

Beggy’s world: all about Euroleague

Hello friends,  It’s Beggy writing… From this week, I’ll be writing about various topics related to EuroLeague, it could be about the past week, it could be about the upcoming week…  There are no rules for this ‘game’; I will just try to share with you some interesting information supported by […]

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