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Turning  30 next march, Milos Teodosic is a legend.

Born in Valjevo, the first steps of his career were played for the local team Metalac, before moving to FMP Zeleznik and, after his debut in the first serbian division, spendig a little time with Borac Cacak. Soon back to FMP, during 2007 summer he moved to the greek powerhouse of Olympiacos coached by bench legend Pini Gershon.

We know everything about his career with reds as well as what happened later when finally moved to CSKA in 2011.

The “curse” of the Euroleague was finally over last may, when, thanks to a simply perfect game, brought the trophy back to Moscow.

Playing for Serbian National Team he recently had a double silver medal, in Spain 2014 World Championship as well as in  Rio 2016 Olympics.

The star of Milos Teodosic is actually shining as bright as ever.

Thanks to ridiculous efforts, he is actually dominating Eurolegaue showing a knowledge of the game very difficult to be found in the past.

He is defintely one of the best point guard in the history of basketball and the visions he recently showed on the hardwood are something “for the ages”.

It’s such emotional and a true honor to have Milos Teodosic talking about his basketball for #eurodevotion.


You played for Ettore Messina and for Dimitris Itoudis: two different systems but both based on ball and players movement. Which is the basic difference you find in the two coaches?

MT – Every coach implement his own system and it will take a lot of time to describe the details of offensive sets and defensive tactics. I’d better say that both of them stress a lot of attention to details and they are both natural-born winners.

Since playing vs EA7 MILANO I can’t but ask you something about the problems that Miro Raduljica is facing in Milan. He is actually less than 30% of the player we saw in Rio and in the past with the Serbian Nat’l Team. Did you talk to him and have any idea of this big difference between playing for clubs compared to playing for Serbia?

MT – I don’t know how you calculated 30% but I agree that Raduljica has a potential to play bigger role for the team. We actually don’t talk much about basketball and I don’t know many details of his situation on the team. We played just 10 out of 30 games in the Euroleague regular season, many teams needed time to adjust to the new system of the tournament, to build team chemistry after the offseason moves. So many things can change.

Let’s talk about an NBA future. Late september you said you will play overseas next year. You mentioned the Spurs as a perfect destination (Utah too for Quuin Snyder). They play a motion offense (like Messina’s one)  that in my opinion  perfectly fits to you. So is it so easy to say you will play in the role that is actually playing Tony Parker? And is Greg Popovic an important part of your decision?

MT –  I did not say “I will”, I said “I may” play in the NBA. I still think of it as a possibility but it is too early to weight out the options. My focus is on helping CSKA win this year.

The triumph in Berlin Final Four was  a great achievement. Did it really change something fundamental in you approach to the game?

MT – I was asked about it several times. I don’t think I really change much as a player throughout my career because of certain games or titles. I play more or less the same style. I still work on my game and try to improve it and I think I do better in many aspects because of my hard work and experience.

Milos Teodosic and Nando De Colo. Most of the press, coaches, GM and fans thought it was difficult to share ball possessions and shots in a team with two players like you two are. How is the chemistry of the best duo in european (not only) basketball?

MT –  Nando is a great player and my good friend, it is a pleasure and honor to play alongside him. I think we understand each other well on the court. Definitely we needed time to adjust in his first season with CSKA, but it is a normal process.

Let’s move into more technical matters. I deeply studied your game and found that it comes out so powerful when you start the offense, move the ball and then get it back from a teammate : in that situation I saw that CSKA is scoring basically easy baskets almost 80% of the times. Do you agree and is it studied in Itoudis system, since this happens much more compared to the past?

MT –  I am pretty sure our coaches have the stats of effectiveness of our plays so they are trying to call the best ones during the games. As you know I can play both guards positions and I think coach wants me to have the ball on offense when the time to create comes. Sometimes I don’t even bring the ball down the court – it can be done by Jack, Nando, Cory or Dima. It takes some load off me when the opponents play aggressive on-the-ball defense so I have more energy and concentration to create the shots for us.

Create is the word that belongs to Milos’ game: genius create, artists create, only a number one creates.

Milos in Mediolanum Forum facing EA7 Olimpia Milano: actually the best show in Europe.


We sincerely thanks Mr Nikolai Tsynkevich, Media Director and Press officer of CSKA Moscow for the tremendous help and cooperation that made this interview possible.

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