Fenerbahce Beko,Vice President Words for Playoff Final Series and Last Night

Vice President of Fenerbahce Sports Club Press Conference

Last night after the fifth game between Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahce Beko, at 1.30 am(today) Fenerbahce Sports Club Vice President Mr.Semih Ozsoy and President Mr.Ali Koc decided to do a press conference because of the ambulance problem which happened to Gigi Datome and Ergin Ataman’s behaviours..Semih Ozsoy replaced the place of Ali Koc during the press conference because of the last minute meetings of Mr.Koc.

‘Ergin Ataman is the ONLY problem by himself”

“Turkish press and journalists are being quiet about Ergin Ataman’s terrible behaviours ,our club still can not understand what is the reason behind this.At the beginning he charged Mr.Koc as ‘THE INSTIGATOR’ and he said ‘I will not go to Ulker Arena because of my life safety.’ and after all went on a court with his headphones on … Why Turkish Basketball Federation doesn’t do anything to warn him ? and I am asking to Turkish Basketball Federation ; Why are you ignoring his terrible behaviours which were happened in the past years? T.B.F has to investigate Ataman for everything he has done.I find the actions of people who are working in/for T.B.F very provocative.They are always encouraging Ataman and at the end our fans are the victims because of this.Even when he was coaching for other clubs he was acting in the same way. On 2015 when someone spit on face of Zeljko Obradovic, he was there and he kept walking without doing or commenting anything about this act which happened to our coach and now he is talking about ‘respect’? In Vitoria-Gasteiz during the Final Four 2019 Euroleague game, he cursed our fans …Ataman thinks whatever he is doing recently is an advantage for him and that’s why Anadolu Efes (club staff and administrative management) started to act just like the same as their coach.The wives of the players of Anadolu Efes were terrible last night they were dancing in the way as they were cursing us after the game ;for our club it is unacceptable so why T.B.F. does not do anything to the wives ? Some one has to say stop to these people because now the whole club of Anadolu Efes is out of control..But I would like to say that WE WILL BE THE CHAMPIONS ” said Vice President Mr.Ozsoy

Turkish Basketball Federatio

Ambulance Situation of Gigi Datome and Referees

” It was sad for humanity…For example 2 days ago in Hong Kong during the protests one ambulance came in 2 minutes in the crowd of millions of people but in Sinan Erdem Dome last night there was waiting only one ambulance which did not take our player to the hospital and the responsible of the ambulance told to our doctor as he can’t leave before the end of the match..and we have 3 ambulances in Ulker Arena in every each game”

“Can someone explain us the attitude of the referees because now I can not say even what I think about this final series’s referees, we might get another penal for no reason again(smiles).The observer reports are completely exaggerated in these final games.They were doing announcement even before the game and cheers start, so …… Fenerbahce fans don’t know what to say no more because of the warning announcements.Only thing I want to tell our fans is please do not curse and cheer as ‘LIVE LONG FENERBAHCE’ ,because our fans are victims in this case.The one and only reason of what is causing tension is Ergin Ataman.” said Vice President of Fenerbahce Sports Club , Semih Ozsoy.


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