All Euroleague Team: the starting 5 from Eurodevotion

All Euroleague Team comes naturally after one week of selection for the seasonal awards. These guys deserved it all. After one week of awards to the players that showed their best in any category of the game, it’s time for the STARTING 5 of the league. 5 players that showed […]

Nikola Mirotic is the Eurodevotion MVP for 2021/22 Euroleague Season

Nikola Mirotic MVP? No doubts for Eurodevotion after editorial staff met to select all the awards’ winners for this regular season. There were no doubts in Eurodevotion staff while selecting the MVP for the 2021/22 Euroleague regular season. Nikola Mirotic from Fc Barcelona won by getting 11 preferences. Mike James, […]

Georgios Bartzokas is the Eurodevotion COACH OF THE YEAR for 2021/22 Euroleague season

Georgios Bartzokas is our COACH OF THE YEAR after he brought Olympiacos to the second place in Euroleague Basketball. Georgios Bartzokas had clear ideas since the start of the 2021/22 season: bringing back Oly to the european top level was the mission. Now we can say “mission accomplished” and that’s […]

Sasha Vezenkov is the Eurodevotion Most Improved Player of the 2021/22 Euroleague season

Sasha Vezenkov earns the honor of the MIP after a great season where he was the landmark of Olympiacos BC reaching the second spot in EL standings. Sasha Vezenkov was a very good basketball player in the past years. This season he showed so many superstar’s performances being fundamental in […]

Nicolò Melli is the Eurodevotion “best defender” of the 2021/22 regular season

Nicolò Melli has totally change the impact of Olimpia Milano defense. That’s why he earns the Eurodevotion award as “best defender” of 2021/22 regular season. There were no doubts in Eurodevotion staff while selecting the BEST DEFENDER for the 2021/22 Euroleague regular season. 5 players considered as eligible for the […]

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