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Hi all,

I’m back with chapter #2. This week I’ll start with EuroLeague’s new partnership announce and end the article with my game of the week.

New partnership and the renewal

Euroleague Basketball has announced their new partnership agreement with Domino’s Pizza on Monday. The fan perception from what I’ve seen wasn’t the best as some got offended from promotion of fast-food pizza, some find it controversial for a brand that is expected to promote healthy lifestyle to promote fast-food. What do I think? During the days, we talk a lot about financial problems of Euroleague Basketball and its clubs, an agreement with a global company is valuable. In the long run, I do not support this partnership much but for the next 2-3 years, EuroLeague could benefit from it. Having said these, when I check the statement shared by Euroleague Basketball, it looks like agreement was made with DP Euroasia Group which oversees Domino’s Pizza franchises in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Turkey and their CEO is Turkish. Moreover, with more than 500 restaurants, Domino’s Pizza Turkey is the largest in EuroLeague and EuroCup countries. So, it is kind of feels like this is another Turkish-backed partnership for Euroleague Basketball. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to seeing how Euroleague Basketball will use this partnership.

Partnerships team in EB released one more news this week. Turkish Airlines EuroLeague’s partnership with Tadim is extended until 2023. For those who don’t know Tadim is nut and dried fruits brand from Turkey and their products can be found outside Turkey. Not in every supermarket maybe, but surely the products exist outside Turkey and I personally enjoy using this brand. Plus, since my childhood, I know Tadim for sponsoring sports organizations, particularly basketball… So, I enjoy brand’s consistency in their support to basketball and can associate the product with this sport. Who wouldn’t enjoy eating some nuts and dried fruits while watching the games?   

Anadolu Efes and NT team

While Anadolu Efes is fighting with injuries and COVID, FIBA EuroBasket’22 qualification games become another burden to Istanbul powerhouse. On Thursday, Anadolu Efes will play in Belgrade and following names are missing due to injuries and COVID: Bryant Dunston, Vasilije Micic, Rodrigue Beaubois, Tibor Pleiss, Yigitcan Saybir and three names from immediate staff. On top of these, Anadolu Efes has agreed with the federation to send five players to National Team for games of Friday and Sunday. Those names are: Bugrahan Tuncer, Dogus Balbay, Sertac Sanli, Shane Larkin, Tolga Gecim. So, what will happen? The Turkish players of Anadolu Efes will be in the roster of Crvena Zvezda game and on Friday, they will join to the NT camp and potentially play in the game against Croatia on Friday. Tough, huh?

Coach Trinchieri’s reaction post CSKA Moscow game

FC Bayern’s Head Coach was disappointed with the calls on last Thursday and in the press conference he said:

“But I want to be honest: 41 free throws for Moscow, plus 32-18 fouls – it is impossible to win a game with these stats. There were hardly any differences between our game and Moscow’s game, so these numbers are very unusual. That’s why I have to stand by my players. Moscow was better and won. It is clear that in basketball many mistakes happen. But with these statistics it is not a basketball game, it is not possible.”

I don’t want to comment on the topic but I’m curious if Bayern team will see the “respect” they want in the next games / weeks.

My game of the week: CSKA Moscow vs Real Madrid

First of all, this game is a classic of EuroLeague. So, the name of the game is enough for the excitement. Buuutt… After the farewell of Facundo Campazzo, CSKA game will be a big exam of Real Madrid. Campazzo has been one of the most important players of Real Madrid in the past seasons with his consistent top-level performances both offensively and defensively. Against CSKA Moscow, Real Madrid will open a new chapter to their basketball. Moreover, Rudy Fernandez is not on the roster for Spanish powerhouse. It will be a tough one for Laso’s team but should be exciting for the basketball fans to see post-Campazzo era basketball of Real Madrid.

On the other side, 10 days ago, we were discussing the problems between Coach Itoudis & Mike James and there were many theories by many of us… but somehow, they seemed to have solved the problems they had as Mike James scored 52 points in double-week leading CSKA Moscow to two crucial road victories, in Kaunas and Munich.


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