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Hello friends, 

It’s Beggy writing… From this week, I’ll be writing about various topics related to EuroLeague, it could be about the past week, it could be about the upcoming week…  There are no rules for this ‘game’; I will just try to share with you some interesting information supported by my thoughts. I’ve picked 5 points for this week. 😊

EuroLeague & Amazon partnership? 

As a devoted EuroLeague fan, I’ve always believed and argued that EuroLeague doesn’t promote itself well. And here we are again… Yesterday EuroLeague Store on Amazon was launched. Last week some pictures of the products were leaked and didn’t look promising enough. But I waited patiently for the launch. Unfortunately, I am totally disappointed with the new store. I like the idea; Amazon is a great marketplace to sell the products. However, products and their designs look very poor. EuroLeague watches? Idea of watches is good but EuroLeague is a sport brand, I’d expect them to go in a partnership with a tracker watches manufacturer. Honestly that would be make a lot more sense than a cheap watch with a EuroLeague logo. T-shirts? Yes, we all love t-shirts… But I’m not paying a single cent to t-shirts have such poor design and you don’t even see how it looks on a model. I don’t even want to ask why EuroLeague jerseys are not sold in this virtual store. 

Repeating myself, idea is very good, but that’s it.

False-positives of Olimpia Milano

As reported by EuroLeague and the club, most of the individuals that were tested positive in the tests announced on Monday, Nov 9th and after that, all team members were tested two more times during the week and most results came out negative… So, those individuals will not stay in quarantine anymore. I can’t comment on this topic too much. I was wanted to say that it’s weird and makes me even more anxious. If there are false-positives, then there might be also false-negatives… 

Double week

Another double week is ahead of us. It used to excite me a lot but nowadays, it is more like a burden. I enjoy watching the games of different teams, but the schedule doesn’t allow us to do that. Nevertheless, for the EuroLeague freaks like me it will be a loooong week of basketball. I’ve written a few sentences about my top games of the week. 

My game of the week – Round 9: Anadolu Efes vs FC Bayern Munich

Last season we’ve watched one of the greatest blowouts of EuroLeague when Efes has beaten Bayern by 104-75.  In the game Shane Larkin scored 49 points and that was the EuroLeague all-time single-game scoring record. We don’t know if Larkin will be on the court and Bayern is a different Bayern than last season.  Nevertheless, it will be an entertaining game and we’ll see if Trinchieri’s Bayern will be able to make us forget what happened in Sinan Erdom Dome last season. 

My game of the week – Round 10: Real Madrid vs Fenerbahce Beko

After a better start compared to last season, Fenerbahce seems to be in freefall at the moment. Last week’s smackdown against Barcelona is a proof to that. And this Spanish week will show us whether it was worst they can be or if worst is yet to come. On the other side, the host team, Real Madrid, had a bad start, like one win only out of first five games. But they are on a 3-games winning streak. So, the future is bright. 


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